This week will see almost eight thousand UK organisations come together for the seventh annual Gas Safety Week run by the Gas Safe Register, with the aim of highlighting how dangerous gas appliances can be, if they are not regularly maintained.

YOU know that keeping to an annual schedule on any appliance using gas is of the utmost importance, in order to prevent gas leaks, which can lead to fires, explosions and the silent but deadly carbon monoxide poisoning. But do your customers?

Even though it is so simple to prevent these tragic deaths, there is still more than one per week on average, according to a 2016 Office for National Statistics report.

What can you do to help your customers not become one of these statistics? We have compiled a Home Safety checklist, available here, which you can print out onto your letterhead to give to all customers. Along with helping them to keep safe, it doubles as a great customer retention tool, as it thanks them for their business and has your details on for the next time they need a gas engineer.

So provide all of your customers with one of these free sheets after you have finished every job, and you need never worry about your customers going elsewhere again… you could even save a life!



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